Saraswati is the great devi goddess from Hindu teachings, and it is the spiritual name I received upon graduating from Yoga Teacher’s Training several years ago.

Saraswati is the goddess of wisdom, and also of music and the arts, of learning, literature, and speech. Saraswati is consort of Lord Brahma, the creator, and she is often pictured on a lotus, wearing white, with four arms—two holding a musical instrument, the other two carrying symbols of truth and learning.

There are many interesting stories to be read about the goddess Saraswati, and I encourage you to put her name into a search engine some time. One of the things I have read about Saraswati that I liked most is that although she is the goddess of wisdom, of speech, of all these amazing things, her real gift is in connecting us with our own divine inner essence.

Part of the inspiration for this 10 Minutes of Stress Relief CD were the many students who told me how soothing they found my voice to be as I guided them through this relaxation process. I like to think if there is something in my voice that is pleasing, perhaps it is the divine energy of the goddess Saraswati coming through my teaching.

My wish is that 10 Minutes of Stress Relief lives up to its name by bringing you a few moments of peaceful nurturing whenever you need it, and that it may help you to connect, over and over again, with your divine inner essence.


From the divinity within me to the divinity within you, Namaste