Yoga2You Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why only 10 minutes?
A: There are many relaxation products on the market—CDs, classes, meditations, massages, and so on—but most of these options can take 30 to 60 minutes or more. The 10 Minute of Stress Relief CD was initially designed for that person who is so stressed out the first thing they are likely to say is “I don’t have time to relax.” But almost anyone can carve 10 minutes from their day, and though brief, the process is very effective. Next, there are two additional tracks on the CD allowing the listener to relax 30 minutes (or longer) if he/she wants. Read how people are using this relaxing CD.

Q: Do I need to know how to do yoga in order to use this CD?
A: Absolutely not. With simple directions, this CD can be used by anyone. It is designed from a yoga class to help you clear the mind, breathe, and relax—something anyone can use, from student to teacher, novice or pro.

Q: How can I order the CD?
A: 10 Minutes of Stress relief is exclusively available on iTunes,

Q: Is there a store in my area where I can buy this CD?
A: We currently do not sell the CD in stores. It is only available through iTunes,

Q: Can these CDs be bought to sell retail?
A: Yes. We are happy to discuss producing CDs for your stores, studios and wellness centers. Please inquire through our contact form.